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SBI Life - Horizon™ III

SBI Life - Horizon III is a unique, non participating Unit Linked Insurance Plan in Indian Insurance Industry, where you need not to be a financial market expert. This plan offers the flexibility of Unit Linked Plan along with Automatic Asset Allocation which provides relatively higher returns on your money where as increasing death benefits provides higher security to your family. 

SBI Life - Unit Plus´┐Ż III

SBI Life - Unit Plus III Plans are an attempt to meet all your financial & insurance needs through a single non participating product. You can use it the way you like. What’s more you get market linked returns which in the long term has always proved to give better returns than traditional savings products.


SBI Life - Maha Anand is a Simple & Convenient Unit linked plan, which provides you insurance cover without any medicals!!!
Just answer a few health related questions & voila.... you are insured.

SBI Life - Unit Plus™ III Child

SBI Life - Unit Plus™ III Child Plan to suit you and your needs best. This Plan is meant for parents in the age group of 18-57 having a child between the age group of 0-15 years.

SBI Life - Unit Plus™ Elite Plan

SBI Life - Unit Plus Elite Plans is a unit linked non-participating plan, which gives you the flexibility to pay premium for a limited term along with the freedom to stay invested for a longer term.

SBI Life - Smart ULIP

SBI Life - Smart ULIP is the perfect answer to your need, and will give you not only Guarantee on select NAVs during the first seven years, but also gives you the added attraction of participating in the market upside!.

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